Our sliding sash windows in Manchester allow you to get the look and feel you want if your property has a style that needs to kept original.

A lot of older propertiers located around South Manchester feature sliding sash windows. Timber is traditionally used to manufacture sliding sash windows. This can work out expensive though. With this in mind, The Window Company offers PVC-U sliding sash windows.

This elegant type of window is a popular replacement in period houses, its design giving your home a sophisticated charm and style that you won’t achieve from a standard casement window.

Whether you live in an older property or a more modern home, sliding sash windows are a cost-effective solution. They are ideal as an alternative to other styles, or as a like for like replacement. Choose from a range of colour and hardware options and create a look that fits in perfectly with your home. When opting for sliding sash windows in Manchester, you will benefit from a window that allows both the top and bottom sashes to slide up and down, therefore allowing you to control the airflow in your home.

Sliding Sash Windows

These windows are incredibly low maintenance, requiring only a quick wipe down with a damp cloth with the result that they look as good as new. The window sashes feature an inward opening tilt facility to allow easy and safe cleaning of the outside frame and glass from inside your home. This makes them ideal for second storey windows or windows positioned in a hard to reach places, such as above a conservatory.

Sliding Sash Windows

You can personalise them to match your property as PVC-U sash windows can be spray painted to match virtually any RAL code or colour. Finished to the highest standard this can make your home unique and colourful.

Classic Design

uPVC sliding sash windows come with a unique opening system. The bottom half of the sash lifts vertically, sitting just beneath the top half. With some models, both the two sashes can then be tilted, for enhanced aesthetics and improved ventilation. This style of window is more traditionally seen on older, Victorian properties here in the UK. However, they are still incredibly popular in today's age.

Traditional Aesthetics

While older vertical sliders were made from timber, our new models are instead made from uPVC. Despite this, their designs are almost identical, making it impossible to distinguish between the two. However, our new uPVC sliding sash windows are fitted with modern hardware, for the ultimate performance. You can renovate an older home without compromising on the period charm.

Thermally Efficient

Our uPVC sliding sash windows are designed for the ultimate modern performance. This includes thermal efficiency, whereby double or tripled glazed units minimises the escape of natural heat from your home. This could lead to cheaper utility bills, as your heating won’t need to work as hard to warm your house through. You can maintain that period charm while ensuring your home is energy efficient.

Modern Hardware

Our two uPVC sliding sash windows both come with a range of authentic, high-performance hardware. This ensures long-lasting performance and the indistinguishable visuals you’re after. The windows come durable sash horns and spring balances. The latter prevents our uPVC sliding sash windows from slamming shut when opened, preventing any damage to the frame or any injuries to you.

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The design of sliding sash windows means they are extremely safe and, what's more very secure. High-performance locking systems keep your home safe from potential intruders, therefore, giving you extra peace of mind.

For added safety we also offer the option of a Fire Egress window design to provide emergency escape.

We offer a range of sash window styles to match your old windows as closely as possible.

In older properties, such as ones found in South Manchester, Altrincham, Hale and Bowden, for example, these can feature bay-style windows. Sliding sash windows can replace these and significantly improve your properties appearance.

We can also replace arched and swept head windows. These shaped styles can be decorative, not to mention very eye-catching as well.

We manufacture our sliding sash windows to your exact requirements, with the result being that you maintain the appealing charm of your home.

Additionally, other design options are available such as internal Georgian Bar or external Astragal Bar detailing in order to make sure your new windows are truly authentic in style.

Sliding sash windows from The Window Company are ‘A’ rated as standard. This results in a warmer, more comfortable home.

Energy ratings are given to windows based upon their ability to insulate your home.

Windows are given energy ratings based on their ability to insulate your home. These are displayed on a colour scale ranging from ‘A+’ (Purple) to ‘G’ (Burgundy). ‘G’ is the least energy-efficient and ‘A’ the most energy-efficient.

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