Elitis Casement Windows for modern homes and traditional properties throughout South Manchester & surrounding areas.

The Window Company specialise in the supply and installation of UPVC double glazed Elitis casement windows.

Casement windows are one of our most popular products, in fact, they are the most popular style in Britain. They have 1000s of options, therefore, they can be tailored to suit your home. Choose from a selection of colours, frame styles not to mention different glass.

As well as this, all our windows offer exceptional energy efficiency and security.

Simple, stylish, and high performing Elitis  uPVC Casement Windows.

Our windows will be in keeping with the style of your house and without doubt to your tastes. Above all our windows provide you with a home that is secure and warm, with windows that are easy to operate.

Overall, choosing The Window Company means choosing quality. Our windows in Manchester come with the outer frames mitred in addition to heat-welded joints that provide a complete weather-seal against all the elements. Furthermore, they are designed and produced with an essential drainage channel that removes excess water.

Our windows have internally glazed construction, as a result, the glass cannot be removed from outside by intruders. In addition, they have a 90-degree opening hinge. This offers maximum flexibility so that they can provide excellent escape routes in case of fire or emergency.

Windows also come with an easy-clean facility as standard to ensure easy maintenance. Furthermore, all windows are fitted with locking handles as standard.

Our team of fitters will ensure that your windows are installed with the minimum of mess and fuss. What's more, all our fitters work for the Window Company, we don't use outside contractors.

Summing up, casement windows are a flexible and reliable type of window that can enhance the look of your property. They provide solid security, are energy efficient and what's more, they are very long-lasting.

Bespoke Designs

uPVC casement windows are the most popular profile here in the UK. They cover a broad range of configurations, including fixed frames and wider, multi-panel options. With this, there are few functions or needs that a uPVC casement window cannot fulfil. What’s more, the range of customisation options means that our uPVC casement windows can be designed to suit modern and traditional homes alike.

Thermal Efficiency

uPVC casement windows from The Window Company are designed for thermal efficiency which means your home will offer you a quieter and warmer environment. Double glazed models can achieve impressive U-values, whereas the triple glazed upgrade can achieve an enhanced level of thermal retention. Increased thermal efficiency will allow your home to sit at the optimal temperature, meaning you can rely less on your central heating, saving you money and in turn lowering your property’s carbon footprint.

Weather Protection

Our uPVC casement windows are fully weatherproof. This means you’ll have no problems during adverse weather, even during the strongest winds and harsh rainfall. Your home will never be affected by weather-related problems, such as foggy glazing, damp spots, rotting or water ingress. The high-quality seals fitted internally to ensure all water is filtered away from our uPVC casement windows, guaranteeing that your home remains the haven that you deserve.

Impressive Security

Our uPVC casement windows are designed with home security in mind. Fitting them throughout your property will guarantee that your family remain safe at night, providing complete peace of mind. These uPVC frames can achieve such secure status thanks to the fitting of market-leading locking systems. Combined with our outstanding stress-resistant double glazing, your new windows will withstand the test of time and anything that life throws your way.

Low Maintenance

uPVC is a popular material for many reasons. Among these are it's low maintenance properties, meaning relatively little upkeep is needed your end. All that’s required is for you to wipe the uPVC casement windows down with a cloth and some warm water. You’ll need to pay particular attention to any moving components, such as hinges and locks. Little else is required your end for long-lasting performance, meaning you can spend your free time focusing on the important things.

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Elitis Bevel Windows

Elitis Bevel Casement WindowsElitis Bevel windows boast a clean, geometric design. This makes them especially good for modern architecture styles.

These windows are configurable to a range of heights, widths, and, additionally, bold colour finishes. As a result, this means they can suit any property type.

Elitis Contour Windows

Elitis Contour Casement WindowsElitis contour windows feature contoured curves that look fantastic in white or an authentic timber effect finish.

These traditionally designed windows never look out of place. They are ideal for a country-style cottage or, similarly a recent residential development.

Our windows are available in a range of colours, for exmaple, there are timber effect finishes such as Rosewood or Natural Irish Oak. These colours work best with the contour styles. For the bevel style, shades such as Chartwell Green and, particularly, Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) are modern and bold.

Chartwell Green
Irish Oak
Siena PN
Slate Grey
Anthracite Grey
Steel Blue
Moss Green
Wine Red

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