Recycle & Reward - Giving Back, One Window At A Time!

Over the years & with the help of our team we’ve raised over £30,000 for local causes, we’ve done charity car washes, put on gigs, ran marathons & climbed peaks to raise the funds. Each year we also sponsor grass roots sports teams, planting schemes & help install windows/doors in community centres.

We’ve loved the fundraising & community work but always felt we could do more, we feel as a business it should be mandatory to give back to the community you live & work in & this is why we have created the Recycle & Reward initiative Giving Back, One Window At A Time.

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What is the Recycle & Reward initiative?

It starts when we replace a customers old upvc windows for new ones, the old windows are brought back to our HQ where we separate the glass/frames for recycling rather than sending them to landfill. The upvc gets collected & recycled back into new products & because of the high price of upvc we receive a payment per load taken which is currently around £600 per month.

That’s the recycle part, what about the reward? That’s where you the community come in, we’ve committed to donating this £600 to the community we live & work in, we’re actually going one step further and topping this fund up so that it’s no less than £10,000 per annum that we’ll putting back into the local community.

What kind of things can we help with?

Grass root sports teams

Local Charities

Community Groups

Local Schools

Community Projects

So if you have a project that you believe we may be able to help with please email Although we won’t be able to fulfil every request or project we will try our very best to support local projects.