Residence 9 windows are designed to authentically replicate traditional 19th Century timber designs.

Residence 9 windows replicate the wood-like finish found on traditional timber windows.

A combination of design, innovation and technological advancement is how Residence 9, without a doubt outperforms many other systems.

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Residence 9 Windows: The Perfect Choice for your Manchester Home

Whatever period your property is Residence 9 windows and doors will look great.

Residence 9's system takes its name from the number of internal chambers present inside the profile, the Residence 9 system has 9 chambers. As a result, this means heat can easily be trapped. Standard uPVC window frames have 3, 5 or 6 chambers and are normally 70mm thick in contrast to Residence 9 which is 100mm thick.

Residence 9 is designed and, what's more, is manufactured in the UK. It was created with the enduring designs of British architecture in mind and because of this has many bespoke options that can satisfy a vast range of homes. From the grandeur of stately homes to the solid looks of Georgian and Victorian styles, not to mention modern-day properties.

Every Manchester Residence 9 window supplied by The Window Company is hand-made, therefore, the result of which is a level of craftsmanship that easily rivals that of original timber frames.

Who Created Residence 9 Windows?

Old timber cills were deep and also often aligned with a course of bricks. Residence 9 features a modern interpretation of a timber cill emphatically recreating that stunning traditional look in both modern and period homes.

Butt Hinges assist in retaining the original timber window aesthetic or, additionally, recreating as a new feature. Choose from working butt hinges or dummy butt hinges, both certainly provide an authentic kerbside appearance. Working butt hinges also have the added advantage of a perfectly clear opening, which can be an ideal solution for fire escape windows.

To sum up, Residence 9 windows are the ideal choice for authentically updating your period property without compromising its kerb appeal. No matter what type of home you have, here at The Window Company we have a variety of different styles, colours and finishes to suit both you and your home.

Benefits of Residence 9 Windows

If you choose to opt for Residence Collection windows for your Manchester home, then not only can you enjoy the charming visuals, but the profiles have been carefully manufactured to ensure that your property performs efficiently for years to come.

The uPVC windows boast A++ Window Energy Ratings, and ultra low U-values, meaning that your property in Manchester will be kept well insulated and cosy all year long. The addition of either double or triple glazing, as well as a high performance weather bar to prevent water and mould from appearing within your property.

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Heritage Windows Tailored To You

There are a vast array of finishes available for Residence 9 windows, such as personalising your windows with a different range of handles. For a contemporary appearance, the R9 monkey rail and significantly the R9 teardrop design work well. By the same token for something more traditional the R9 Pear drop finishes off your windows perfectly. What's more, all handles are sourced in the UK.

A striking appearance is always guaranteed with these windows, due to the wide range of faithful woodgrain finishes that work perfectly with the classic design. Traditional shades include Golden Oak, Rosewood, and Irish Oak, while other tones like Cotswold Green, No.10 Black, and, specifically, Eclectic Grey are on hand for more contemporary properties.

Furthermore, make your windows and doors truly individual by selecting dual colours. Complement your interior designs by tailoring your internal colour by room in addition to an external colour to suit the exterior of your home.

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Grained White
Chalk White
Clotted Cream
Vintage Cream
Cotswold Biscuit
Cotswold Green
English Oak
Irish Oak
Silvered Oak
Golden Oak
Corse Lawn
No 38 Grey
Eclectic Grey
No 10 Black

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