Doors at The Window Company are as important as windows are.

Doors in South Manchester

We have an outstanding range of doors for you to select from, no matter whether you’re looking for a front or back door, and they also offer you a choice to suit your individual tastes, requirement and budget.

However, their main asset is the added security they provide due to the durability and none compromising style. The doors can be tailor made to your needs and your home style to become the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Alternatively, choose a composite door, specifically a composite rock door that encompasses all the benefits of a uPVC door and also have the ability to shape themselves a number of different property styles. This is the perfect door if you wish to have a wooden door and they are secure, resilient and durable.

At the other side of the house, doors are just as important. French doors are a firm favourite for those looking to bring their garden into their home. Easy and increased access to and from the garden or to and from their conservatory means that French doors are the perfect accompaniment to anyone’s home.

Looking for Something a Little Different?

Patio Doors in South Manchester

If you desire something a little different, we have a collection of sliding patio doors and bi-fold doors that provide security, style and flexibility to be used in any opening.

Doors from The Window Company are certain to guarantee certain things. Our doors offer security, insulation, style and of course terrific value. If you want a replacement for that tatty old door that has been causing a major draught in your home for years, a door from the Window Company will solve it.

If you are looking to replace a draughty or out-dated door, browse through our extensive collection to find the perfect door to suit your home.

If you are looking for a particular style of door, or if you have any questions about our doors, call us today on 0161 962 8570.