The back door to the garden can be so much more than just a door to the back garden… it can be a bonus, more expansive view onto your outdoor oasis from the comfort of your kitchen diner (or any other room, of course).

So when you’re looking at upgrading your back door, do you know which style you’re going to go with? Here’s a quick guide which may help you decide: French doors vs bi-fold doors vs sliding doors.

French Doors

French Back DoorThe French doors are a great way to maximise a small space leading onto the garden. Made up of two glazed doors, you have the option of having them open inwards or outwards, as well as having additional windows installed beside them, too. Both doors will have their own frame, meaning there will always be a ‘step’ to remember when coming in or going out!

Better-suited to older properties than its modern counterparts, they’re also a pretty standard, yet stylish addition to any conservatory.

Overall, of the three back door styles, these are the most affordable.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Back DoorThe popularity of bi-fold doors has boomed in recent years, with many homeowners being seduced by their practicality, smooth operation and neat and tidy design – their tracks lie flush to the floor, allowing for a seamless, hazard-free walk in and out of the house.

Not only that; their design allows for a whole wall of glass to be completely opened up, letting so much natural light into the home.

Bi-folds come with a great choice of configurations – choose however many doors you want (wall space-permitting!), and whether or not you’d like built-in blinds. Great for families, you can choose to use just a single door, or you could open up a whole section of the back of your house (amazing in the summer)!

The Window Company’s bi-fold doors are aluminium-framed, and because we use low-maintenance materials you don’t need to worry about warping, painting, or shrinking. These doors are the most expensive option, but they are also a practical choice…and they do add a real ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Sliding Doors

Patio French Back DoorLast, but by no means least, we have the sliding door. Incredibly popular a decade (or more) ago, they’ve made a strong return recently, thanks to improvements in design and function.

Sliding doors allow tons of natural light into the home, as well as largely uninterrupted views to the outside thanks to the large panels of glass and narrow frames. And because these doors don’t open outwards or inwards, you’re afforded a bit more usable space.

While the maximum size of opening is not as large as what you get with bi-fold doors, you can open them up to two thirds of the way, without compromising on the amount of light pouring in or the views to the outside. Usually mid-range in the cost area, sliding doors are smooth and secure.

So…which one?

If it’s not the budget that’s making it difficult to decide, it really does come down to personal preference, I’m afraid! You can check out our gallery for some inspiration. Or why not pop into the showroom for a close-up look? Feel the materials and see them in action on our displays.

All The Window Company doors are available in a choice of colours and hardware, and are fitted with the most secure locking systems. We also fit the doors for you, so you don’t need to source your own workmen! And if that’s not enough, you also get The Window Company’s rock-solid 10-year guarantee.

Which one’s your favourite?