The Window Company’s French Door range is truly something to behold

French Doors

They combine attractiveness with sturdy quality and the latest generation technology to enable you to feel safe and secure.

French Doors will not only modernise and add style to your home but they will also increase access to and from your garden, enabling you to enjoy the outside a lot more. Also for people who have a conservatory, French Doors are the perfect finishing touch that creates the seamless threshold between home and your conservatory.

Three factors define why you should choose our French Doors. These are security, strength and ease of operation. The latest anti-lift pins and hinge protection, added structural strength to ensure sturdiness and fully operational handles ensure you will not be disappointed.

Our comprehensive list of unrivalled features that puts our French Doors ahead of the competition includes:

  • Anti-lift pins on each door ensures door cannot be illegally lifted off hinges and disengage locks
  • Fully operational handles on both doors
  • Anti-crowbar hinge protectors to each door for security
  • An array of colour options for you to choose from to suit your personal tastes
If you are looking for a particular style of door, or if you have any questions about our French doors, call us today on 0161 962 8570.