The Window Company recently installed new windows and doors at our website designer, Tom’s new house in Cheshire.

Tom has worked for Wayne and The Window Company in a graphic and digital capacity since 2008, revamping the website and producing various design assets. Just last month, Wayne returned the favour and helped Tom upgrade the windows and doors at his new home. It was a total transformation and this is Tom’s experience.

Windows Since 1982

“My wife and I chose our new house as it was perfect for us in every way… except for the windows and doors. They were original to the house, built in 1982; timber-framed and single-glazed. With winter quickly approaching, replacing them all became a priority, so I contacted Wayne from The Window Company to get the ball rolling.


Within just a few days, Dean had called round to measure up, and gave us some advice about the changes we could make to the back of the house. We had a single back door with glazed panels either side and there was scope to open it all up with easier access to the patio. We discussed our options and decided to look at installing bi-fold doors, allowing us to make the most of our new garden in the summer.

Visit to HQ

Shortly after Dean’s home visit, we met with Wayne at The Window Company premises in Sale, where he helped us figure out what would be the best windows to suit our needs: which type and their styles, which way they would open, security on the upstairs windows (essential with 2 young mischievous children), and so on.

As our house is one of only five in a small cul-de-sac, all of which have rosewood-framed windows, we thought that changing to white frames might not look quite right, so we opted to keep with the rosewood colour.



Wayne then took us through the showroom to a working example of some Anthracite Grey-framed bi-fold doors for our patio. We were able to see how good they looked and how they work, and knew that they were perfect for us.



Since working on The Window Company website, and after having updated the installations gallery for the last 12 months, I already knew I wanted a Solidor front door. And, being a graphic designer, I was also able to mock-up an example of what the new door would look like.

After making our decisions on which windows and doors we wanted to go for – 9 windows (2 bays), 2 doors and a bi-fold – we left it with Wayne who put a quote together and emailed it over the following day. Thankfully we were within budget so we booked our date for the installation.

We blocked off 5 days for the entire re-fit. Paul and Steve arrived first thing on the Monday morning, and by Wednesday, all the windows and one of the doors had been fitted! Thursday saw our front door be replaced with a sparkling new (and highly coveted, in ‘Painswick’ colour) Solidor!


On Friday, the 5th day, I must admit I wasn’t entirely convinced the bi-folds would be installed in one day, so my wife took the kiddies away for a weekend break in Wales. In the meantime, Paul, Steve and Steve set to work yet again, removing the old door and glazing, removing brickwork and installing the bi-folds. I, on the other hand, locked myself away in the living room, appearing occasionally to serve up fresh brews and biscuits.




Wayne was right – they did get it finished on time! By 4pm everything was done (and the place was probably cleaner than I’d left it). The team were great, always clearing up their mess and keeping any disruption down to an absolute minimum.

My wife and I are thrilled with our new windows and doors – there’s a noticeable difference in noise and the heat-retention is brilliant! Unfortunately though, 3 days after the team left our boiler broke.

Do you do boiler fitting, Wayne?”