The Window Company believes that a composite door is the perfect accompaniment to fit any style and period of house.

This is the reason why we give you an unprecedented choice of doors unlike our competitors. Just to make it better, we also install three of the best composite doors on the market.

The three doors we install are Solidor, Rockdoor and Ultimate. The reason we use three and not one type like our competitors is because each door company offers something different in terms of styles, locking, colours & budget.



Solidors are a magnificently constructed door and they also offer the biggest range of colours, hardware and styles.

They are constructed differently to standard composite doors as they have a 48mm solid timber core unlike your generic foam filled composite.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a an amazing looking, secure door with high quality furniture, fantastic colour options and something a little more bespoke Solidor is the one for you.

A perfect example is the door to the right that we installed in Altrincham. Take a look at the full Solidor range.



We’ve installed Rockdoors from the very beginning as these doors were the first high quality composite door on the market and the good news is that they still are.

They’re also made differently than a generic composite door as they include steel mesh and rebar reinforcement there’s also no way of removing the glass as its press glazed into the door.

Rockdoor offer a wide range of colours and styles and they’re the only company that offer a 1930s style like the one above we installed in Sale, its really popular with our customers. View the full Rockdoor composite doors range.


Ultimate Doors

We at The Window Company have been installing the Ultimate range of products for the last three years, that also includes the ultimate patio doors and bi-folding doors which we also install.

The Ultimate door is as we’ve mentioned above a “generic” composite door in the way that it has a composite foam filled inner but this is where the similarity between the styles ends. The door has the same hardware & locking system that are used on the high-end doors such as the Solidors and Rockdoors and although there is not the same colour options, they are value for money and they have an abundance of design extras that you can choose from, so finding a door that suits your needs will be easy.

If you’re on a strict budget but still want a top end door with a high security accreditation then The Ultimate door is the one for you, above is a door we installed in Didsbury.

If you would like to see any of the doors above why not pop down to our showroom and have a play around with them, we also have corner samples colour charts and brochures. Need some inspiration? Browse our gallery of installations.

If you would like to discuss anything regarding the three styles of doors or require a free quotation or a brochure posted, call us today on 0161 962 8570.