The Window Company provides two ranges of uPVC doors from which to choose from

Our uPVC doors not only offer energy efficiency and structural strength, they also offer style, security and renowned performance to ensure they provide the best service available to you.

The Complete Cosmopolitan Door Range

The Complete Cosmopolitan Door Range

The Cosmopolitan range of uPVC doors are made with toughened glass and feature a high quality, high security multi-point locking system that not only offers unrivalled security but also conforms to BSI kitemark standards.

The Cosmopolitan range offers customers over 140 different designs that comprise of contemporary door designs including Ayres Libra to the traditional classics such as Cannes II Georgian Bar. The Ayres Libra use gluechip glass that provides a frosty decoration for the glass and is especially effective when combined with lead and crystal bevels. The Cannes II Georgian Bar combines marble film and sandblasted glass that provides privacy whilst not obscuring light.

Cosmopolitan is one of the most respected brands in the door panel industry, building up a reputation for skilled craftsmanship and quality products. Cosmopolitan can and will, if you desire, tailor specific panels to your needs and wants.

Choose from an extensive range of Pilkington backing glass or the gluechip variety along with an array of woodgrain outer skins.

The Perfection Range

The Complete Cosmopolitan Door Range

The Perfection range offers homeowners added light, a contemporary range that will not only brighten up the exterior of your home but the interior too.

Designed and produced by Cosmopolitan, the stunning all glass designs are created by made-by-hand glass producing a flood of natural light through the door.

An innovative design allows decorative features such as bevels to be embedded into the glass before being sealed in to prevent decay and staining. Real glass panels allow shine to be ever-present and toughened glass with gluechip designs allows for an element of privacy while not obstructing the stream of light.

Perfection range is available in ten designs and includes finishes such as Light Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany and White.

Heat Shield

The Heat Shield is a comprehensive new technology that has been uniquely designed by Cosmopolitan to arrest warping.

Heat Shield is designed to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by door materials such as uPVC on hot days, therefore cutting the amount of discolouration, bubbling and cracking of the outer skins.

Heat Shield ensures that the life-span of your uPVC door is extended and therefore you donโ€™t have to pay for expensive repairs or worse a new door at regular intervals.

If you are looking for a particular style of door, or if you have any questions about our UPVC doors, call us today on 0161 962 8570.