The Victorian conservatory is the most popular choice of style for conservatories to date

Victorian Conservatories

During the Victorian era, the love of the conservatory really took off in England simply because the Victorian’s were desperate to find ways of protecting exotic plants alive during the harsh British winters.

As the period wore on, the detailing and styling grew ever more elaborate to complement the splendid styling of the homes and properties of the time. Modern Victorian conservatories are of course now built to last. Made out of modern materials such as uPVC and aluminium, they require little maintenance or upgrading and are very easy to clean.

The conservatories themselves also come in two distinct styles that comprises of the three-facet Victorian that has the traditional bay-front with three main windows at wide-angles and the five-facet which of course has five main windows. This provides the added sense of space as well as providing favourable aesthetics.

The modern Victorian conservatory does not, of course, limit itself to Victorian properties. Through modern double-glazing, underfloor heating and electric ventilation, your Victorian conservatory is sure to be in tune with modern homes as well as period properties.

This style conservatory and its features and finish make it a popular choice for those looking to add extra-space along with a touch of Gothic-style. There is an assurance that your Victorian conservatory will blend and provide everything you want it to for your property rather than looking like an afterthought.

Key Features Of Our Victorian Conservatories Include:

  • Two distinct styles – three- or five-facet
  • Thin, robust frames that don’t endanger stability
  • Gothic finishes and details adding to the enhancement of your conservatory
  • Classic roof system provides distinguished and classic appearance
  • Tailored to your exact needs and specifications
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