The Lean-to conservatory, or Mediterranean conservatory, is the simplest style of conservatory, with clean lines that give it a contemporary look and make them a popular conservatory for modern houses

Lean-to Conservatory

This conservatory style will be ideal for you if you prefer the simple, understated lines of a Mediterranean sunroom.

Mediterranean origins, simple and understated style and a contemporary look are just some of the benefits of a lean-to conservatory. They are available in a traditional or contemporary style ensuring it fits with the style of your property and doesn’t impact the aesthetic appeal of your home.

A Lean-to conservatory is the perfect choice for properties that have restricted space underneath the eaves such as a bungalow or a terraced property. Why is it perfectly suited? The pitch of the roof on lean-to conservatories can be quite versatile meaning it can be installed with a shallow pitch meaning that under a low bungalow roof, it blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of your house whereas a steeper pitch would be perfect for a terraced property.

Lean-to conservatories provide the perfect space to take in the Sun as they bring in a Mediterranean-style to your home, even during the winter. Specially adapted glass traps sunlight, converting it into heat while providing a spacious haven for you to enjoy.

There are a number of factors that provide the lean-to conservatory with an edge for homeowners looking to benefit from an added dimension to their home. Lean-to conservatories from the Window Company also have unique benefits that give them the edge over the competition.

Key Features Of Our Lean-to Conservatories Include:

  • Ultraframe provide two roof systems – an Elevation roof that features Ultraframe’s click-lock technology or the simple and popular Classic system
  • The Mediterranean-styled lean-to is an ever-popular choice for people wanting to add space and style to their home
  • Simple design that cuts down on labour costs and build time which in turn saves money
  • Utilities such as water and electricity are readily available from your home, which makes installation, and maintenance costs lower
  • Flexibility of use is a great asset to have in the modern home. The lean-to conservatory provides an excellent space for a greenhouse, playroom, dining area or sitting area
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