Georgian style conservatories are defined by certain characteristics such as lightness and airiness. Traditionally, the Georgian conservatory features a flat front and a square or rectangular shape.


Originally built for period properties from the early 18th and early 19th centuries, the style has remained popular. Its shape is ideal for the planning of dining or living areas, as the conservatory is flooded with light making it a pleasantly atmospheric addition to your home.

Originally reserved for the privileged few within society, the Georgian conservatory draws inspiration from the fashionable work of Andrea Palladio, a 16th century architect. His work was highly symmetrical and proportionate much like the dimensions of a Georgian conservatory.

This styling made it popular and is now making it popular again due to the need now for grand spaces rather the preference of styling. However, the Georgian conservatory does not have exclusivity to any particular type of building; it will attach to any style your property tends to be but the grand style tends to work best with existing Georgian architecture typified by red-brick, white woodwork and white-stone cornicing.

Modern Georgian conservatories differ from the originals due to the quality of build and materials used. The original style included little glass as it was expensive and also not the best insulated but now, modern techniques allow for it to be double-glazed as well as superbly insulated so during the winter you can still use the space.

Furthermore, the glass allows tonnes of light in making it the perfect space for you to host, entertain and relax in the knowledge that not only is your conservatory built to last, it is also styled to last.

  • Spacious floor-plan ideal for planning the perfect family spaces
  • Grandeur and exclusivity
  • Palladian style featuring symmetrical and proportionate dimensions
  • Pleasantly atmospheric living spaces
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