A gable-end conservatory will undoubtedly add the style and sophistication you’ve been looking for to your home.

Gable-end Conservatory

The gable-end dates back to the Georgian period of the 18th and 19th Centuries from which modern gable-ends are derived.

The style gets its name from the front of the structure which, rather than sloping into the roof, stays vertically upright like the end of a house.

With this style of conservatory, there is an enormous amount of space in which to enjoy and plan around. The gable-front-end produces an enormous amount of light and along with the added aesthetic nature of it, adds style too.

There is almost a two-storey feel to the structure with the amount of space you have above you as the roof slopes from the centre outward rather than from front to back which produces the sense of airiness. With this in mind, gable-end conservatories also provide the perfect choice for period properties. The style of them projects an imposing structure that also is quite impressive and is perfectly suited to period properties.

Now with the outside sorted, you can start planning the interior. The square floor plan of the conservatory provides an enormous amount of space to shape and fill. There is the perfect opportunity for you to create a separate living area if you so desire, the spacious dining area you have always dreamed or merely as an interior gateway to your garden where you can sit-back, relax and admire the space you’re in.

Gable-end conservatories provide numerous benefits such as numerous build styles to suit your home and there are also a number of factors of why they are the perfect extension to your home.

A square floor plan that is designed to help you plan the perfect use for your conservatory.

An Ultraframe gable-end conservatory can be glazed with either glass or polycarbonate. This can subsequently be upgraded for different levels of thickness.

Our gable-end conservatories are also available with an extra brickwork option meaning you can have a three-quarter or full-height wall on one side to perfect the “blending” of the conservatory and your existing property.

Front-end of the conservatory projects a “sunburst” effect meaning more light is let in projecting the sense of light and space.

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