We’re pleased to announce that The Window Co’s chosen Charity of The Year for 2019 is ‘Everyone Can’.

We first found out about this amazing charity at the start of 2018 while they were spreading the word of their charity outside Santander in Sale. They explained briefly what they do, where they’re based and what they needed in terms of support. We knew then that we’d like to make them our charity of the year.

Who Is ‘Everyone Can’ and What Do They Do?

They are a local charity based in Sale Centre above Peacocks. Their key aim is to help disabled people take a more active and independent place in society through technology.

Everyone Can

They’re made up of a bunch of gamers and creative thinkers who want to make sure that ‘Everyone Can’ game. As self-confessed game-a-holics, they know how much fun gaming can give to a person.

“Playing with or against fellow gamers makes us feel a part of something greater than someone sitting in front of a screen with a console. We are a community, combatting monsters and mobsters together. For most, being able to game easily is a given. For people with a disability, gaming can be difficult, if not impossible.”

Needing to change this, ‘Everyone Can’ game began. Since starting some 4 years ago, they have had the same approach. They don’t do compromising with their gaming sessions; they design and custom build their gaming stations so that disabled and non-disabled people alike can get the incredible buzz from a full-bodied gaming experience.

That’s not all they do, they also carry out assistive technology assessments. Assistive Technology is the term given to any technology which can assist or help a disabled person with their everyday tasks and challenges. For example, it can involve downloading some software that can control the light switches or home alarm system, a programme that can assist with speech or a piece of hardware that will make controlling a computer easier.

They believe in a society that encourages every disabled person to realise their potential, so they are able to dictate the course of their own lives and play an active role in society. They believe in a society that includes disabled people and doesn’t exclude them.

Our Aim

We want to raise £5000 as this would massively help them keep their much loved and needed gaming sessions going and purchase new equipment.

How Will We Raise It?

We have our “WashRockRun” mentality at the ready. We have a car wash planned in spring, the Manchester Marathon in April, a charity Gig in Summer, the Manchester 10K in May and the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, plus many more that will pop up throughout the year.

If you would like to help or join in any of our fundraising activity’s please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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